What is Médicobus?

Médicobus is a state-of-the-art, multipurpose medical clinic offering a wide range of on-board services. Whether you’re looking to host an employee wellness day or a health-themed activity, or you need an on-site clinic for a sporting event or festival, Médicobus can offer you all the peace of mind that comes with a turnkey solution.


A state-of-the-art health clinic, wherever you want us to be:

We simplify the logistics involved in providing health and wellness services to your employees, customers or guests. No need to rearrange your workplace – our ready-to-use facilities go straight to you!

We can offer identical services at multiple locations throughout the province, no matter where you want us to go.


Tell Médicobus where you need us and we’ll be there, ready to deliver a comprehensive array of user-friendly services:

Provide on-the-job access to your employees – no travelling time for them and less lost productivity for you.

Reach out directly to your customers through on-site promotional activities.

Optimize the medical services available at special events and festivals.


The Médicobus features a fully functional clinic and well-appointed facilities designed to serve a variety of needs, including:

A comfortable on-board waiting room.

Two private exam rooms equipped with the latest technology.

A fully soundproof consultation room for a maximum of confidentiality.