Your Mobile Health Clinic Solution

On-Site Corporate Services

Is your workplace too small to accommodate on-site health and wellness activities for your staff? Are you short on resources to coordinate the corresponding logistics? Then we have an all-inclusive solution just for you! The Médicobus is a fully functional clinic on wheels, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and user-friendly services that are sure to meet your organization’s needs.

Interested in hosting an employee health and wellness activity at your place of business?

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Multi-Site Visits

Going from one site to another as part of a travelling health and wellness promotion initiative is a complex undertaking. But with Médicobus, there’s no need to set up and tear down at each location – everything is already on board and ready to go to make your event a success. Simplify your life and deliver a consistent user experience each and every time with Médicobus!

Special Events

Setting up a temporary clinic for events and festivals can be a daunting logistical challenge, and the resulting environment is often ill-adapted to the requirements of on-site medical personnel. But with Médicobus, our team of healthcare professionals has access to state-of-the-art facilities and all the equipment they need right on board. And because we can operate entirely independently, we can set our mobile unit up to accommodate your event, instead of the other way around.